Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trypophobes Unite!

I am feeling the sudden urge to freak myself out, like NOW, so I'm gonna post this picture:

to encourage myself to puke all the excess baby weight out.

While I'm at it, I'm saying, fuck it, I might as well post these pictures too:

if it's the only way I can get over this ridiculous phobia of HOLES that's been haunting me for more than 20 years now.  And much thanks to Bevin from All is Bright regarding her post about Trypophobia, I now have a name to go with this madness. 

What it is, this Trypophobia thing, is some stupid, unexplainable, and completely irrational fear of clusters of holes.  Anything that has clumps and clusters of holes-- lotus seed pods, skin rashes, bug tunnels, enlarged skin pores, you name it, it throws me into a state of panic.

But since I'm a strong believer of desensitization, I shall  force myself to keep on looking at this image:  (warning:  EXTREMELY GRAPHIC FOR TRYPOPHOBES)

down a fistful of Ambien, then call my hypnotherapist first thing in the morning.

*In case you got freaked out by the graphic nature of these photos too, it just confirms that you're now a newborn Trypophobe.  Now do as I do and google more pictures of this shit so that all us of can remain scarred for life! Whee!! Cheers to camaraderie! 

And also, you're very welcome.


Inara Jones said...

I have always had issues with this! I had NO IDEA that it had a name. Or that anyone else had a problem with it.

Thanks, by the way, for eliciting panic from me before I've even had a full cup of coffee. You suck.

Found you on TMB on Monday, and have already read all of your archives. You and I could be besties, except that your daughter already weighs more than my son, and he's twice her age. I'm afraid of what that would do to his self-esteem. :)

Keep up the awesome writing!

jillsmo said...

Holy FUCK this shit has a name??? I couldn't even look at your pictures, I had to hold my hand in front of the screen while I scrolled down. Damn.

entrepremother said...

Oh holy god damn sh*t on a brick disgusting! I looked at the first pic on the link and closed the window. I hate you. You're awesome.

kitten said...

Am I the only one who thinks that lotus pods are beautiful? :)

Bevin said...

I think the sensitization thing isn't helping me at all, lol. I still have to puke after seeing these! =D

Renae said...

Thank you for outing yourself as a trypophobe. I myself, suffer from lactaphobia (fear of milk and milk products). But it is conditional upon texture and temperature. I can handle cheese and ice cream but milk, especially warm milk in any shape, way or form makes me start to sweat, freak out and then throw up in my mouth. Did I mention that I'm nursing a baby right now? Yes. I am my own worst nightmare.

Tina@ said...

Inara, Jill, Entrepremother and Bevin: I have found deeper appreciation for spiders, cockroaches, heights and snakes. After my self-diagnosis, those things don't seem bad at all.

Kitten: You are odd, my dear.

Renae: Oh, wow. That's interesting! I am now trying to picture myself trapped in a room full of asymmetrical holes without so much as shivering.


You win. You're one brave woman for living in your own Fear Factor episode.

Ashley said...

I was ok until that link thru picture and now I'm scarred for life. WTF was that?

In response to your comment on my post, Cecilia and family live in Calabasas. So sad.

Danielle said...

The holes aren't that bad, for me it's when there is stuff in the holes that are down right nasty! lol! Glad I found your blog you are f'ing hilarious! lol! Following you now, hoping I can get a good laugh now and again, like I did today! lol

Stephanie said...

OH MY GOSH! There is a name for it?! Those pictures gave me goosebumps! I knew there was something wrong with me. Thanks so much for enlightening me to my mental issue. Off to do some Googling and de-sensitizing.


KatieKakes47 said...

Hey Tina,
New reader here and I am literally about to vomit over that link. LITERALLY. It is all I can think about. At least I'm not the only freak out there! lol. Love your blog...keep it up! :)

irodetheshortbus said...

I can't say I knew I had a fear unitl I clicked on the link. My heart is still racing and I am clammy and gross.

This is ridiculous. Which is why I keep coming back to read your posts.

Great job, you are hilarious.

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