Thursday, November 4, 2010

Parenting Lesson #2

I've been trying to get over my fear of talking to random new moms at the mall. I like new moms. They're always equipped with the baby wipes and supplies I obviously don't have. So today, I started by initiating conversation:

Tina :  Mind if bum some wipes? 
New Mom :  Sure, here.
Tina:  This is her 3rd poop in the mall today, gosh, I didn't know I'd need some more. (Lie)
New Mom :  It's fine, no worries


Tina:  How old's your baby?
New Mom:  5 months. Yours?
Tina:  3 weeks.
New Mom:  Really?  But she's so big!
Tina: I know right?  It's been 3 weeks since I stole her from her parents. So, 3 weeks.

New Mom gives me a blank stare. She starts packing up her diaper bag and leaves.

Lesson learned:  Take new friend's number before engaging in conversation. Also, wash hands AFTER changing diaper and BEFORE shaking new friend's hand.

And so, I'm off to another mall.


jillsmo said...

Next time get video

Tina@ said...

Noted. Next time, will bring life size doll instead of daughter. It's funner. said...

...I wish my town had 2 malls.

Tina@ said...

Oh Traci, dear.. The reason we have two malls (2 blocks away from each other, precisely speaking), is because Woodland Hills is home to the hottest weather in So. California (sometimes, could rival Death Valley, which is #1 in the country). So since we can't do the stuff you guys usually do on a summer day, like chase after your 4 dogs or something, developers saw the need to provide yet another place we could run to when dying of heat exhaustion. Our park is right across a mall.

Wow. That was long.

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

Why is it so impossible to make mommy friends? Don't you feel like you're dating again? Or worse, in high school??!! It's like being in the lunchroom all alone. I feel like I'm going to have to wait until Wee 'Burb is in school (and she's only 1) before I make mommy friends.

Mommy B said...

Awesome! I'm gonna have to use that one!!

<3 CMV said...

You're awesome!! Who wouldn't want to be friends with you?

michelmoba said...

just found your blog today & sat at my desk for the last hour laughing my ass off to the point of tears. My baby is going on 6 mths & now that i'm not a hormonal mess anymore, I think I carry that off with a straight face! Check back on my blog ( in a few days - I'll def give you props!

Tina@ said...

Stephanie: I know right? And why can't they take a joke these days?

Mommy B: Be my guest! Note that I failed though, because I think she almost failed a restraining order against me that day. So try it and let me know if you succeed! :)

Tina@ said...

Carri: I dunno, it's kinda sad, really. I wonder why she left me hanging like that. Maybe I smell? You think?

Michelmoba: Welcome! Just don't do offensive baby jokes yet (ie; baby in a blender), I think.. they need some time to be ready for that.

Oh,and thanks!! Looking forward to reading that post you're talking about! Yes, that one. The one that's gonna give me props.

Randa Ree Rose said...

I just started following you blog and I have to say I love it!! It's nice to see that I'm not the only one who has a hard time making mommy friends. Although mine baby is 10 and I think I might have miss my chance for that. lol Anyway I really enjoy you blog! Thought I let you know!

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