Friday, November 5, 2010

What a Peculiar Creature You Are

Last night, I was browsing through Facebook profiles and found myself staring at hubby's wall.
Video, tagged photo, tagged photo, status update, tagged photo.  Such a bore.  Added new friend. Scan, scan, scan.

AND THEN, an old grade school classmate I never met writes:


hi...OMG!!!What a body...

Interesting, I thought.  She looks a lot like my old gym trainer, Albert.

Which reminds me..

I was trying to figure out why he installed this atrocious piece of equipment in my bathroom door.  I was under the impression that all his testosterone driven activities are limited to the confines of the nursery. Apparently, he extended his domain from the nursery, across the hallway, to my bathroom.

"Why is this here?", I ask

"So I can spot if I'm doing my chin-ups correctly", he replies nonchalantly.

Sounds legit, I thought.  All he wanted was to see his muscles rip in front of my bathroom mirror, no big deal.  I ignore all the grunting and heavy breathing and continue browsing Facebook.  Several minutes into my stalking, I hear a series of loud thuds. followed by some groaning.  Thud, thud, groan.(repeat 10 times). I shot a quick glace towards his direction and realized it was nothing out of the ordinary, just Shi doing a series of handstands at 1:00am.  So, I continue to ignore him.

Halfway through his gymnastic routine, he walks up to me and asks, "You see this mole I have? The one growing hair?"

"Ya, and so?", I say

"The hair grew overnight."  he says smugly, "Just so you know, that usually means something good is coming."

He goes back to the hallway, got down in downward facing dog position and thrusts his legs outward, to do yet another handstand.


Bevin Albright said...

You are so funny! I am definitely following! Also, glad to know that there are other trypophobes out there!

Tina@ said...

Hahaha! Thanks Bevin! I found some other photos that triggered my phobia, I will post them later so that you and I can have a puke fest :) said...

see, I kinda thought sudden mole appearance meant cancer...

Randalin said...

My husband also has a chin up bar that he put in the livingroom door frame. It's complimented by the 900 lbs. of primary coloured plastic baby "stuff." I've given up...

kitten said...

that was subtle, lol.

Free Gal said...

Funny post, I needed a laugh today!

I found you on Top Mommy Blogs and wanted to check out your blog!
The Frugal Free Gal

Rachel Elizabeth said...

This made me laugh. :]

shialuyen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shialuyen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shialuyen said...

My love,

I am beginning to suspect that you you are having fun making fun of me.

Show me some luv. Please. I am not a muscle-head. I barely have that. Kitten & Marc could attest to "WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING UNDER THAT SHIRT." You too, of all people, should know that by now.

The comment that you saw solely serves as a clear indication that people back home, from about 10 years ago, really did notice that i had about 38" of waistline under my trouser's tag. That's all there is to it. So, down to 31", it did impact quite a number of heads.

We have to sit down and re-define the boundaries of our domestic partnership. I will catch you when you least expect it. Just you wait :)

Oh and for the record--- that chin-up bar is custom-built to be mounted/dismounted within under 3 seconds. It's not a permanent fixture. I am not a bad person.

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