Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I always talk about the annoying quirks of the love of my life.  I think it's about time I give this man a break.  He's seen me through everything.  He's spent 7 years dealing with my behavior and 9 months of neurotic hormonal imbalance brought about by my pregnancy.   Perhaps the very pinnacle that speaks of his devotion was watching me give birth.  This was taken when I dilated to a 10.

I can't seem to place his reaction here, but judging from my sister's face, it looks a lot like disgust.  Let's take a closer look shall we?

Now looking from this angle, his face screams of regret, don't you think? I'm just guessing that whatever he's looking at during that time was anything but beautiful.  I would love love love to show you guys the photo of the placenta and his priceless expression while looking at the the thing but I don't wanna risk you taking me off your feeds so let's just keep it at that.  But hey, he's still with me so yay!

Anyway, all I'm getting at is that though I publicize the oddities of his being for all of you to feast on, I'm pretty sure there's so much more of mine he could possibly say.  Truth be told, he could have left me for reasons beyond my dislike for showering everyday but he didn't.

So why do I love thee?  Let me count the ways:

1.  He lets me decorate 90% of the house however I want it.  The remaining 10% is his own domain and he could do whatever he wants with it.  That 10% is also his own bathroom.  By the way, we have separate bathrooms, the best kept secret to a happy marriage.

2. He tolerates my addiction to reality tv and he doesn't even know which month the Super Bowl falls in.

3.  He transformed into an instant master stylist and cut my hair without any prior experience when I once got a haircut as tragic as this:
And the creative director, let's just call him by the name JEFF HARRIS from that stupid salon calls this a "precision cut"??  I think he got the inspiration from his circumcision.

4. He makes me feel thinner than I really am, even when he needs to lie more often than not.

5.  We have a mutually beneficial relationship when eating chicken.  It's simple.  He gives me all the skin, while he eats all the healthy meat.

6. Some days, he calls me a filthy ho, which I really really like.

7. You can never hear him complain, ever.

8.  He does the BEST impression of Kendra Wilkinson.

9.  For someone who kicks ass in Judo and Jiujitsu, I love that he belts out to Christina Aguilera Beyonce like it's nobody's business.

10.  He'd dress up as DJ Lance for Yuna everyday if need be, if only to put a smile on that cute little face.

Shi, how do you like the affirmation?  Kiss me, you fool!!


mades said...

Awww Shi...remember your rendition of:

"If I were a boyyyy......wait." LOL!

See you guys soooooooon!

Mama Mandolin said...

LOL his face is classic in that first picture!!

Tina@ www.theteethingmom.com said...

Mads: He's the only one I know who can pull off singing "If I were a Boy" while lifting weights. It's very endearing.

Mama Mandolin: I know right? This really brings new meaning to the saying that a picture paints a thousand words.

shialuyen said...

10%? TEN PERCENT????? I didn't even know that until now! Stop bullying me you F*lthy H*.

lizzie said...

on the close up picture, shi was probably thinking 'eww.. eww, what's that? what the hell did i get myself into..? God help me.'

shi you're so pogiiiiii!

karla estu said...

Tina, you're soooo funny! i was laughing while looking at his facial expression when you were dilated to a 10! :)) this is such a sweet post!

Whitney said...

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