Monday, October 11, 2010

When Yuna fell for Foofa

Thank you to Auntie Jane for giving Yuna a new toy to wrestle with.

She was so taken by Foofa, she squealed in delight when she found out Foofa knew how to talk!  It was such a precious moment!

But then she quickly learned that Foofa just won't shut the fuck up.

So they wrestled.

And wrestled.

That's when Yuna fell for Foofa.  In modern MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) terms, I assume this means she tapped out.

Also, I am too lazy to write a lengthy entry today as I am exhausted from watching TV, and... I'm learning how to sew.  Yes, I'm learning how to sew.  If you're one of the skeptics that find it funny, it's really nothing compared to looking at your face in the mirror.  Come on now, nothing beats that.


jillsmo said...

You amuse me

kitten said...

Too cute Tina! The bow on her hair is stylin! I have to ask, is her hair curly? Anyway, Looking forward to Nadine sitting like that! The way Yuna fell, Nadine does that every couple minutes or so right now, and I can't catch her as fast as you did in the video. hehe.

Tina@ said...

Jill: Oh, gosh, I amuse me too. I can never be as funny as you though so I will copy your one liners from time to time. Hope you don't mind.

Kitten: Thanks!!I have to admit, it helps A LOT that she can sit like that now and Im pretty sure Nadine will be doing the same thing in a few days since she's already sitting up like that for at least 2 minutes. It takes practice to catch her head like that though, she had to experience landing with her face down several times before we got the hang of it. Anticipation is the key!

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