Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This freaks me out

Am I the only one who thinks this is kinky? Okay I was being polite there, it's very disturbing.
It's supposed to be a strap-on device that holds the baby's bottle with a harness that's made with love for moms who miss the tender nurturing touch and convenience of breastfeeding... or for the ones who can't breastfeed at all.

Will this come with a nursing cover too?  Because I imagine whipping that thing out in public might shock the bejeezus out of bystanders  Seriously people, it looks kinky.  And ummm... convenience?  What's convenient about preparing a bottle, sticking it to a harness then strapping it on to a tit?  I mean, I get the point of your babes missing your boobies when you switch them to the bottle and I also completely understand why adoptive parents would like to give it a shot.   Trust me, coming from a mom who breastfed then switched to bottle feeding, you're better off using this shit with your husband.  If you feel like doing that, go ahead and pre-order yours here. While you're at it, go buy yourself some whips and leather thongs to maximize your bondage experience.  Just so we're clear, I am in no way affiliated to the inventor of this product.  I am just speaking out as a consumer who's amused and baffled by products like this.

Wow, this is just so wrong..  It's actually making me speechless.


LindsayDianne said...

This post was amusing until the very last line which made me think, just because you don't get it, didn't like breastfeeding, or aren't privy to this particular device doesn't make it "so wrong".

Babies need skin to skin contact. That is something that a device like this would encourage rather than just propping baby up with a pillow.
It's different, and it's not something I would try. But... "So wrong"?

jillsmo said...

I'm very confused by how the device works. Does it actually strap your husband to your back like that? If so... totally not interested.

But I'm not seeing the "skin to skin contact" in that picture, I'm seeing baby to shirt to strap to bottle contact. With the husband locked onto the back. That's just wrong.... Actually I just thought I'd come here and judge you a whole bunch. Here on your own blog.

Tina@ said...

Hi Lindsay,
Thank you for your comment and sharing your opinion. Just to make a few things clear, I happen to LOVE breastfeeding, it's just that I can't. There's nothing coming out. If I could make myself lactate or do something freaky with my mammary glands, I would do it in a heartbeat. By the way, my baby and I still get to experience the nurturing benefits of skin to skin contact just like any breastfeeding mother would. It's simple, and you don't need a harness for that. Here are the steps:

1. Take your shirt off (bra included, if you like)
2. Take baby's shirt off.
3. Cuddle

*Breasts and bottles are optional

By the way, the picture shows a fully clothed mother, wearing a kinky strap-on. Is that how we define skin to skin contact nowadays?

I really appreciate you pointing out your concerns, and I apologize if my words were taken out of context. However, the use of the word "wrong" in this post is very rhetorical. To me, it's wrong. To you, it may be the best thing ever. To each his own. Again, if you were offended, I am sorry to hear that but I am not to apologize for thinking this way.

Actually all I'm trying to prevent here is for moms to be blinded by another device that promises to make life easier. That's all, I hope you're ok with that.

kitten said...

I actually saw ads of this device targeting dads. Seeing a dad with a "strap-on"... wait, i lost my train of thought with "dad with a strap-on" hahaha. Anyway, going back, it did look weird and creepy... and totally absurd! Men are not meant to breastfeed, so why oh why would a man use such thing!? If somebody doesnt agree with me, here's photo if you don't think that is WRONG, shoot me!

Anonymous said...

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion..everyone reacts to posts and topics in a different way ALL the time. With that said, I have no intention of using this product nor recommending it to any mother I know. I believe that bonding can be achieved through daily care, touch and contact with your baby. I hope I don't see this product in any store...

miahmari said...
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miahmari said...

I think I saw something similar in Meet the Fockers (2004). Check it out here:

Disturbing, that's what it is. And I don't know any mom or dad, for that matter who'd buy and use this stuff. Oh, but maybe this is for when you go wall climbing. Right!

Ashley said...

Tina you crack me up! That pic is beyond weird.

Brandi said...

Tina-- I do not even know you , but I think I fell in love a little. I absolutely love sarcasm in the morning= I love this blog post. Thank you for the easy three step instruction on skin to skin contact in case you do not own an amazingly crazy strap on. I def took notes. HAPPY FRIDAY!

Closer to Lucy said...

It does look like a bondage strap-on product and I'd go so far as to deem it "wrong" looking or just freaking weird.... But it did make for one hell of a intro to your blog!

Lol, following you now!

Unlikely Origins said...

Huh. This is... just odd.

I sort of can see how it might be useful as a kind of stepping stone if a mom was having a really difficult time accepting that she has lactation issues/can't nurse, but -- I don't know. Beyond that, or used too long, it does just seem kind of unnecessary, and potentially confusing (for everyone involved, including the baby!)

I've never seen anything like that before.

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