Saturday, October 9, 2010

Toy shopping postponed til further notice

I should really do something about my impulse online purchases.  It's getting ridiculous. I go on seizures looking at baby stuff and collecting all these coupons to purchase something, anything, yet again.

However, there's something to be said about buying a gun tagger, then forgetting the reason why I bought it.  I know I plan to use it for re-tagging clothes that I plan on returning someday ( only after I use it once and realize it's not worth keeping, but let's just keep that on the down low, please),  but other than that, I wanted to use the damn tagger for something else and I just cannot, for the life of me remember what it is.  Then again this is coming from someone who has purchased everything on As Seen on Tv from ShamWow to Mighty Putty.

I do remember ordering an electronic sewing machine last week after reading about this crafty mom who sews her own changing pad and nursing covers then sells them on Etsy. I had to stop myself from confirming the order because come on, I'm no Martha Stewart.  I wouldn't know how to sew to save my life.  So maybe I bought the gun tagger while daydreaming? Is that even possible?

Anyway, I'm saying this because I'm DONE buying Yuna toys she's supposed to like according to reviews on, when all she really wants is to crawl to the dirtiest corner of the house, eat dust and chew on our remote.  Or anything long, hard and black (whatever you're thinking, stop that, you dirty perve, that's my daughter!). I'm so over it.   It's a cycle, really.  I get her a toy. give it to her and she gives me a look of disinterest.  I'd try again the next day, reintroduce her to the wonder toy that she's supposed to love and keep her busy for hours and hours. She'll reluctantly hold it this time, then throw it to the farthest end of the room.  She really gets a kick out of doing this.

Do you hear that Yuna??  I AM DONE BUYING YOU TOYS I END UP PLAYING WITH AFTER.  That's it.  I will postpone toy shopping  until you're old enough to tell me what you want and I'm dead serious this time.  No really, I am.  So don't you be smiling at that talking Foofa in Target girlfriend. I. Will. Not. Fall. For. It.  Understood?

Just to show you guys that I'm not making up shit about Yuna's obsession with our remote, please click on the play button and witness it for yourself:  Please note that this was taken after I grabbed the remote from her and threw it on the floor to stop her from eating it.

Looks like she's willing to die for it. *Sigh*

By the way, Shi made me stop filming this because he felt paranoid holding on to nothing but Yuna's toes.  Talk about buzzkill.  Yeah, as if it would really matter if she fell from his grip, being 5 inches away from the carpeted floor.  We're talking about an infant that fell off a bed that's 3 feet high and smiled through it. If anything, she would've enjoyed finding that remote.


Zookeeper Jess said...

Oh man you're cracking me up! Do you really buy lots of stuff from the infomercials? I admit, there are a lot of things that I would just love to buy but my cheap side says no and that's that.

Our kids love things like the remote and boxes and trash. I don't know why we buy toys!

kitten said...

Cherish these moments, our little girls will be in to Dora the Explorer and Disney princesses before we know it. You know what that means right? They will want EVERYTHING princess! Even if we say we are not buying them anything anymore, I am sure we will be such suckers and buy anyways. I've witnessed this happen to my niece. Seriously, they are growing up too fast (I can't stress this enough!), I feel like I just had her and here I am looking at her as I type this, bouncing wildly in her Jumperoo!

jillsmo said...

I think you should just start tagging everything in sight, husband included, until it comes to you.

Tina@ said...

Jess: Sadly, I've fallen prey to the informercials. I got the Magic Bullet, TOBI Steamer, Kangaroo Keeper and a lot of other stuff I'm too embarrassed to mention here. Oh and don't forget the tupperware. Babies love those.

Kitten: True that, sistah! Honestly, I buy these toys for myself. Anything that will hold her attention long enough for me to shower, I like. And I buy. AHA!! I will just teach her to tivo my shows.

Jill: Good idea. I wonder how much I could get when I return my husband?

Anonymous said...

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