Monday, September 13, 2010

You Know You're Having a Mommy Moment..

When you do the unthinkable and take the batteries off your vibrator to power your child's toy.

Which is exactly what I did this morning as Yuna silently bounced around in her Jumperoo without the usual rainforest sounds she's used to.  It was a sorry sight.  

I partly blame Shi for this.  He knew very well that having a baby means having an influx of battery operated gadgets and toys, so I sent him to Target 2 weeks ago to grab a 12-pack of  Duracell only to see him coming home with this:

4 measly rechargeable energizer batteries
When confronted about this poor choice, he insisted he was just a step ahead of me again and explained that these toys are massive battery drainers, therefore, it makes more sense recharging the batteries after each use.

I agree.  That does make sense.. if only you bought 3 more of these. And now I'm thinking, if you went ahead, did the "smart" thing and bought 3 more, then that will cancel the whole thing out and won't make sense again.  Because no busy mother would like to oversee and manage the turnover of these battery charging stations on top of the gazillion things we need to do on a daily basis.  Because these battery packs which were meant to make our life easier drain in less than a day.

And though it may not seem like it whenever you catch me playing Angry Birds, I actually have better things to do than recharge batteries during my downtime.

So out of  90% frustration and 10% rebellion, I went to Costco today and got me one of these bad boys:

I can now sleep well at night knowing that all the toys (vibrator included) are well powered and good to go.


Anonymous said...

lol. you are so hilarious!! keep on writing!

shialuyen said...

About them batteries...


You know i still love you no less for "stressing" on my poor choice about them damn batteries--- but the next time you ask me to buy batteries ONLY for HER JUMPEROO, be more transparent about telling me to buy extra for YOUR TOY(s) as well. I think that your lack of sleep the other night due to your intimacy with "angry birds" made you forget that your instructions were carried out just right: "GO TO TARGET AND BUY BATTERIES FOR HER JUMPEROO".

In any event, for your peace of mind, and out of 90% rebellion, 5% frustration and 5% budget capacity, i already purchased 3 more sets of 4-rechargeable battery packs on eBay--- we will now have a total of 16 rechargeable batteries within the week. I, for as long as i can remember, never spent that much on batteries--- but for the benefit of being able to power ALL THE TOYS in the house, both babies' and adults', it had to be done.

Enjoy. Be good. I love reading your entries.

Kitten said...

Men and their gadgets... all we need are plain old batteries, why make it so hi-tech-and-complicated? LOL. Nice move on buying the jumbo pack at Costco, Tina! Hugs Shi!

Tina F. said...

Shihan, love, are you aware that you're not making sense again? That like what I said, you just canceled out by buying four more packs especially after I purchased 40 disposable ones? Please return them asap. I would like to use that money to fund her college tuition.

Kits: TRUE. Sometimes, we just gotta stick to the things that have been TRIED and TESTED. And our men complain that we don't tell them what we want. Tsk tsk tsk.

Kitten said...

Plus, I totally agree that even as SAHMs... who has the TIME to make sure those batteries get charged? I hate to say this (as I am trying my best to be environmentally friendly) but... Cheers to USE-and-TOSS batteries!!!!

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