Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Love Love Love my Sister, BUT....

Sometimes, I find her delusions of Yuna being her daughter quite disturbing.

After having spent a glorious weekend with them in Vegas, I open my facebook account to find a new album she posted entitled "Meet Our Little Yuna".

Interesting.  I thought it was very thoughtful of her to introduce our daughter to her network and that I made the right choice in choosing her as a Godmother.  

So I opened the album excitedly and to my disbelief, saw these pictures (by the way, the captions were the actual captions she used):

"Feels so good momma!!!"
Happy Family
"Thanks for feeding me mommy! I love you!"
Play time with Daddy
sister with pop-pop
So I'm not really sure what to make of moments like this when she goes way beyond the call of duty and deludes herself into thinking that she magically gave birth to my daughter.

But then I remember all the times she unconditionally babysat for us, compromising her limited time with her real family, so if claiming my daughter as hers becomes a mandatory requirement from now on,  then heck, I'll take it.


Veronica Lee said...

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

So is she now a Cuevo? haha

Kitten said...

And this is why having a sister is aaaawesome!!!

Tina F. said...

Oh my gosh I can finally comment!!

Kitz: I cannot agree with you more. Having a pro sister is GREAT!! Especially when you're stuck not knowing what to do and they so much as touch our babies and they suddenly feel better.

Mica said...

This is too funny and weird with WINNER CAPTIONS.

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