Sunday, September 12, 2010

An Ode to my Childless Pals

Being the first one to get knocked up among a solid group of 4 single, female friends (in a very cliche, Miranda Hobbes SATC type scenario), I prayed every single day that one of them would follow suit.  Of course, this wasn't exactly the case prior to my pregnancy when we all feared accidents, missed periods and defective condoms.  As soon as I got pregnant, I silently hoped that at least one of them would be on the same boat as I am and I know I wished for this because I was afraid.

I was scared that they just won't get it.  It scared me to graduate to motherhood, say goodbye to the lifestyle I'm used to and be seen as boring and unavailable, so right before giving birth, I assured them again and again that nothing will change.

And you know what?  Nothing changed. It's either that or these bitches are just really good pretenders. 

I'm grateful to have friends who happen to be baby people.  I've never been a fan of babies until I had my own.  I'm not the type who'd stop and crouch down to greet a stranger's kid and say they're cute. I am, however, the type to tell said stranger he's hot without even looking down to see if he has a kid in tow.  

I guess there's something to be said about how much they love being with me.  Okay let's be real here, there's something to be said about how much they love being with my daughter.  How else can I explain the sorry look of disappointment on their faces whenever I announce that Yuna's not coming on a night that's supposed to be for adults only?

Regardless of whether or not they wanna blow me off, I still love being around them.  They are the source of my sanity and the patient outlets of my sporadic annoyances.

In case you're wondering, this was taken in a mall. With 2 security guards hovering in front, making us stop.
You can count on these ladies to join in my shameless displays of narcissism
There's usually four of us but the missing one left California to marry her Mr. Big.  The missing person remains childless to this date (cliche Carrie Bradshaw moment)
You can bet your money that she's next in having a baby.

And at the end of the day when the loud chatter comes to a halt and all I have left is a to-go box to show for it, it makes me smile to know that I'm coming home to THIS!


Lizzie said...

Hoy, that little lady in Texas is next! :)

So far, so good.. Hehe! You still manage to pick up your phone during my blonde moments i.e getting directions and laundry disasters.

For that, I salute you!!

Kitten said...

skinny bee-yotch, looking good momma! :)

mades said...

No babies until 2012!!! Let's baptize Yuna first okay before we add humans into our baby sandbox.

We're saving na for Cali!!!!! I miss you lots and I wanna bite Yuna's cheek na.

See you sooooooooooooooooon.

Tina F. said...

Kitz: Slimina capsules replaced my obsession with Zhen de Shou. They're awesome especially when you gotta up your game when you see flawless mothers with long lashes like YOU!!!

Mads: Please tell me you're gonna be here. Please. Because I'd like for Yuna to meet the person who kept me laughing during my entire pregnancy.

childnessss said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mades said...

I also predicted her birth! Well sorta... remember my "someone is pregnant" dream??

I will I will! I switched all my debit cards to receive the airline rewards so I'm gonna use those! See you sooooooon

Kitten said...

Leave it to you to be on top of what's hot and whats not when it comes to weight loss!!! Now where the ^*#%*^% do I get those!?!? Do share!!!

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