Thursday, September 9, 2010

If I had a Nanny....

Everything would be much easier..

I'd probably wake up refreshed every morning
My nails wouldn't grow into claws
I won't have a bush.
We'd have nice home cooked meals everyday
Yuna would be bathed thrice a day. Overkill, I know.  But I'll take that over having a smelly kid.
She'd have somebody to bring her hot lunch in preschool and wait until she's dismissed.
More date nights for me and Shi.
I'd probably be back in the corporate world, hustling my way up the ladder
More money in the bank account
The thought of having more kids seems less bleary and quite realistic.

Why am I saying this? 
I'm saying this because for 21 years, I had a nanny cater to my every beck and call.

She scared away all the boys that would call our house to look for me
She'd make my school costumes
She'd sleep beside me when I'm scared and stand by me when I felt helpless

When I turned 21, I left everything in the Philippines to start a new life in Los Angeles.
Leaving my nanny behind with no one left to care for but my dad and my 27 year old sister.
She died 6 months after I left

Now, as I look at my daughter who's still up and hyperactive at 2:30am:

How I wish I had a nanny to stay up with her and put her to bed.

But then:

I wouldn't know how it feels to comfort her.
I wouldn't know how she spends her mornings.
I wouldn't know what makes her laugh, what makes her cry.

I wouldn't know that she loves being sang to during bath time
And that she gets freaked out when it's too quiet.
I wouldn't know that she loves being kissed all over her face
And that the only thing that makes her feel better during a crying spell is my smile.

Sure, having a nanny around could have made me a better mom.
But this giddy feeling I get whenever Yuna does something that takes my breath away?
No nanny can ever take that away from me.

And I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.


Kitten said...

It's interesting how before having a child, we think that Nannies are a definite must-have in parenting but now think otherwise after having a baby. Until now, I am so attached to my nannies and feel that somewhere there was a lost opportunity for me and my mother to bond the same way. So, if given the opportunity to have a nanny right now, I don't think I will take it. But having a MAID or a DRIVER is a different story, I'll take those in a heartbeat! Haha.

In my book, having a nanny doesn't make a better mother, it makes a better wife! How else can you explain these people with nannies having babies like bunnies!?!? *wink*

Tina F. said...

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I begged for my dad to help find me a nanny we can bring back here. But when I was getting closer to my due date, it became less of an issue.

I agree with you there. I became so attached to my "yaya" that I saw her as my mom. I don't want that to happen to me and Yuna. I'll take a maid or a driver any day.. Wow, it gets me so excited just thinking about it. Someone to do the laundry, cook, clean.. Someday Kitz. We'll cave in and get us one of those :)

JLK said...

I hear ya. That said, I think the better wish is for a housekeeper who can do things like the endless mountains of laundry, bottle washing, sweeping up the dust bunnies that my baby thinks are just delicious, etc.

In fact, I think if just the laundry was taken care of, it would free up enough time for me to not only shower more often, but take up needlepoint or some shit!

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