Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Take Her, Im Not Feeling Well.

I got hit by the flu today and it's here with a vengeance.  

No surprise there, it usually happens around this time of the year because I refuse to take the flu shot.  I don't care what experts say, the worst flu cases I've experienced were within a couple of days after getting the shot.  So I'm not getting it.  No way.

It just sucks balls that I can't pull off the Take-Her-Im-Not-Feeling-Well card with Shi anymore.  I was reserving this for days when I just need a Mommy Strike.  Days when I feel like getting a time out.  Days when I'm really feeling well, but my acting skills (or lack thereof) will automatically prompt him to go on Daddy Mode and take over everything for the rest of the day while I lay in peaceful slumber.  Doesn't it make you salivate just thinking about it?

Damn you flu!!

Today should have been a dream. After bringing me my flu meds in the morning, Shi went home to cook me lunch and play with Yuna for a little while.  When he left to go back to work, Yuna and I took a long nap and woke up to the sound of her Daddy opening the door, ready to prepare dinner and keep her company.  This all sounds too lovely. The thing is, I would have appreciated it ten times more had I been sober enough to hold a Jersey Shore marathon while camping out in the living room, savoring these moments of isolation from my family.  

But no, I'm too lethargic and groggy to even take a shower.  I can't even play Angry Birds on my phone without getting a headache.  Maybe it's karma, no?  For even thinking about using the sick card? 

Flu, I hope you get exorcised out of my body soon.  I really miss playing with my daughter.  And Yuna, when you google me someday and stumble upon this blog, please keep in mind that this doesn't mean I love you any less.  In fact, I miss you so much now that even if you choose to be carried around and stay awake all day tomorrow, you will not be passed on to Daddy like a poopy diaper.  That's a promise. 

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