Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Godmother

We're baptizing Yuna in about 5 weeks.  We've booked the venue and the Church and all I need to do is wait for the invites to arrive, devote some time on the souvenirs and reconfirm that the godparents are coming.

However, on a last minute whim, we decided to add one more godparent to the list because we felt that she would be a very good role model to Yuna,  so good, she was awarded by the former President of the Philippines a recognition plaque for her philanthropic efforts.  She's also very well known for her political and social participation in the Fil-American community, leading benefits and fundraisers to help different causes.  On paper alone, she sounds like a modern Mother Theresa.

So we took her out to dinner last night to formally ask her and I placed the burden on Shi to do the asking because I've pretty much imposed godparenthood (if there's even such a word) on all of the sponsors except her, and it was just about time for Shi to get his hands dirty.

"Hey, potential godmother, can we ask you something?", said Shi.
"Sure, are you gonna ask me something kinky?", potential godmother said, looking at him with wide eyes.
 "Because if you were gonna ask me if I liked anal sex I soooooo do not wanna try it but my hunky lover's acting like he wants to give it a try and I don't want to because it really grosses me out and the only way he can ever get me to agree to it if I do agree is if he wears a condom." she nonchalantly interjected.

Then there was silence.

More silence.

"Would you be one of Yuna's godmothers for her Christening?" Shi asked, his eyes on the floor.
"Oh...", breathed potential godmother.  Then with a huge beaming smile, she announced,  "Sure!"

Potential godmother is now an official godmother.  No return, no exchange, all sales final.


Lizzie said...

hahahahahahahaha!!! si potential godmother talaga :)

aims said...

LMAO!!! awesome!!!

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