Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Ultimate Monstrosities of Social Networking Part 1

You never know what you can find in old emails.  I've kept emails dating back to ten years ago which I periodically read from time to time when I'm feeling especially nostalgic and such.  Anyway, there's this NEVER DELETE folder I always open when I'd like to de-stress and have a quick laugh.

A friend of mine forwarded an email to me back in 2005 entitled The Perils of Friendster (the hit social networking site back in 2003) which contained snippets of the now defunct blog of this guy who got a kick out of collecting, you got it, atrocious photos of Friendster members then adding snide captions beside the photos.  Well, I kept this email and added my own precious Facebook finds over time to make the Ultimate Monstrosities of Social Networking Series.

 So to my fellow moms, relatives, friends and readers,  cheers to happy days:

Exhibit A:
Jeans in a gym on an adult with the body of a 6 year old boy= not sexy
Exhibit B:

WHY???? Does she seriously think that posing INSIDE a raging DAM makes for a good photo op? 

Exhibit C:

Unless your goal is to turn on the guy behind you, please, do yourself a favor and wear a bra. 
Exhibit D:
Because they bring new definition to the word COOL and because doing the heart sign is the new gangsta shiznit right thurrrrrr. 
Exhibit E:

Whatever you do, please don't EVER remove that pillow. It scares me to see what's underneath.
Exhibit F:

First of all, I don't exactly know if you're smelling the plants, or smelling yourself.  Since plants don't normally stink, I'm going out on a limb and say that it's you, which leads me to say that it takes a lot of guts pull of a pose like that, and manage a smile on top of it all.  You've got my respect.

Exhibit G:

I'm guessing you're supposed to be in a basketball ensemble, correct?  This is just a guess because you're wearing what looks a lot like an armband and a tight fit basketball jersey.  I just don't know which is more pathetic, having your photo professionally taken in a studio before or after playing basketball.
Exhibit H:

Well you gotta give them credit for allowing their Queen Bee to wear orange when it's obviously a Red Day. Awww... I wish I had friends as thoughtful as them :)

Exhibit I:

God's greatest gift to womankind. Don't you ladies just wanna tap that ass?  No? Not even a little bit?  Ok, OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!
Exhibit J:

You know what nightmares are made of? Imagine waking up with this thing beside your bed.

Don't tell me I have so much time in my hands to do trivial things like this because I still don't.  I just try to make time for things that crack me up, because you see, it gets kinda lonely being a SAHM.  So don't mind my jests, because if anything, this is mostly for my viewing pleasure.


jillsmo said...

OMG MOOBS!!!!!!!!

Mama Mandolin said...

LOLOL your blog is HILARIOUS. I'm new here :) Stealing a button and looking forward to reading more!

Check out my blog if you get the chance!

shialuyen said...

Now i understand.

If this is what's keeping you up every night---



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