Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm Back!!!

Not only am I back on Top Mommy Blogs, I'm back from my weekend hiatus!  So to everyone who posted comments recently, I apologize for my non-response and I am blaming this all on the festivities that happened recently.

You see, I realized it's a bit challenging to blog when recovering from a 3-day Vegas trip, planning a baptismal party, chasing food trucks for my birthday, shopping for a baptismal party, stressing out due to said baptismal party, hosting out of town guests for the baptismal party and having the actual baptismal party.  All in one week.  ONE WEEK!!  I fucking deserve an award! Shit! So no offense God, I love you and all, but I am so glad it's all over.  I AM DONE confirming and reconfirming guests, wrapping party favors,  doing seat arrangements, worrying about the guest count and all that shit.

Anyway, since I'm still in the midst of sorting Yuna's gifts out and reinstating some sense of normalcy back into this household, I'm just gonna go post some photos of Yuna's baptism for now.  Also, this is the first time I'm posting photos of me and my entire family and since I don't usually do that, I kinda feel naked doing so.  Which feels... nice, actually.  Heeeheeeeheeee. Okay, I'll do it again next time because I'm such a slut.

All the paraphernalia I conveniently ordered online because a crafty mother, I am not.  They sell dirt cheap stuff like this online to save moms like me from  hours of cursing our way into futile, manual labor.  Think about it, you actually end up spending a fortune buying all that DIY shit at Michael's only to sorely disappoint yourself with the outcome, and learning that the glue gun is not to be used on sensitive body parts.

Some family photos.  Yuna slept through the ceremony and pictorials, and to that, I aptly say HALLELUJAH!  And of course, I took all the credit in raising such a well-behaved child, keeping my mouth tight shut about the bottle of Nyquil I added to her milk before leaving the house.

1st row, left photo:  With the godparents and the priest.  Last month, I posted something about one of the godmothers attending the baptism so here's your chance to take a wild guess as to which one of them is the closeted naughty dirtbag.  1st row, right photo:  The guy on the left most side is actually Yuna's godfather.  And yes, OMFG he's Jewish.  The guy beside me is also Jewish.  My religious aunt almost convinced them to convert to Catholicism, but apparently, she failed to realize that these dudes are lawyers too, and they almost sued her right then and there for harassing them. Thinking about it,  I should have let them.  The three of us could have split the settlement money.

After the ceremony, all of us headed to The Cheesecake Factory where they serve authentic, tres magnifique American cuisine where our guests wined and dined while we paraded our daughter around like the Golden Calf.
By the way, cheers to my 25 followers!!  I'm not counting the 28 who are actually family and friends because  they just love me like that.


jillsmo said...

Oh, that's right, you went to Vegas. I knew that.


Greta: From Transparencies of Motherhood said...

Looks like a fun/exhausting time. Love the stuff you found online...very cute!

kitten said...

Congratulations Baby Yuna! Lovely photos! :)

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