Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Would You Do?

When he drops the last remaining slice of Chocolate Silk Pie you've been dreaming about the whole day?

The Chocolate Silk Pie that's so sacred, it remains your best kept secret when friends and family come over.

The Chocolate Silk Pie you refuse to share with anyone.

The Chocolate Silk Pie you sacrificed dinner for.

Please tell me.

Because I am THISCLOSE to biting off his balls.  Seriously.


Kitten said...

Eat the pie off the floor? LOL. With OC Shi around, I am sure your kitchen floor is cleaner than a baby's sterilized bottle! *wink*

crazy ramblings of a tired mom said...

He would be a dead man in my house for even looking at that pie wrong!

Greta said...

I would have eaten it off the floor...it looks delicious even there. Cute blog :) New follower :):) If you get a chance, check mine out too;)


Tinafromtheteethingmom.com said...

Kitten and Greta: Yes, I ate a bit of the crust and some mousse. It actually tasted better when eaten off the floor. I hope it happens again. He pampers me whenever he screws up, so no complaints there.

Greta, thank you for following! Will check out yours later tonight :)

crazy ramblings of a tired mom: Do you have a name? Because though it sounds very sexy, I was hoping to be on a first name basis with you. anyway, this man's no fun. He offered to buy another one right away and begged for my forgiveness before i did anything drastic. Maybe next time?

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