Thursday, September 30, 2010

How to Deal With a Fussy Mother

Our morning routine goes kinda like this:

4-5:00am: I sleep
5:00am:  Yuna wakes up, gets fed by Shi, back to sleep.
7:30am:  Shi wakes up to dress for work
8:00am: Yuna awakens for the day
8:15am:  Shi changes Yuna's diaper, gives her a bottle, then places her right next to me to play while I'm still sleeping and he leaves for work
8:15-9:00am:  Yuna finishes her bottle within 5 minutes then just lays beside me, in a state of what seems a lot like food coma, for a good 15 minutes.  She snaps out of the coma, rolls over then proceeds to talking to our headboard for the next 25 minutes.
9:00am:  Yuna starts waking me up by poking my eyes to no avail, as I am a heavy sleeper.
9:15am:  Yuna will start talking loudly, while still poking my eyes.
9:30am:  If I am still asleep by this time, she will start chewing on my nose and start kicking my boob for the rest of the morning until I wake up.

Anyway, I've got a huge problem with this.  I'm already used to getting less than 4 hours of sleep, that's nothing.  I have a problem because for the past few days, instead of routinely chewing on my nose, she has resorted to pulling my hair.  Handfuls of hair.  

I love having my hair pulled, but only if the situation calls for wild, primal sex. However, I still care about the minimal amount of what's left of it on my scalp.  It's enough that I've been losing massive amounts as a crappy after effect of pregnancy (that's telogen effluvium to you, childless person), but to have my daughter go to town yanking my hair off is a different story.  A fucking painful one.

So I tried googling ways on how make this barbaric daughter-to-mother abuse stop, and to my luck, can only find articles about ways to make babies stop pulling on their own hair.  Nice. 

Here's a prognosis I found from the Associated Content:

Over the years however doctors and researchers have found that hair pulling by children under the age of a year old could be a sign of stress. It is very possible that your child is overly stressed out, or they could just be feeling tired and irritate
Interesting. Does that mean I radiate way too much tension that my daughter feels obliged to pull my hair on my behalf? 

Now here's where it gets better (slightly edited to suit the circumstances):

When you see your child  pulling their your hair you they should take the time to comfort them you, and give them you the extra attention that they you are obviously craving. If they are just pulling their your hair because they you are tired then you should have no problems rocking them being rocked back to sleep. Some parents children often decide to give their child mom a hair cut so that they are no longer able to pull on their hair. The one thing that you don't want to do is allow your child to continue pulling their your hair or just to ignore the systems. If the methods mentioned above do not seem to work then you may want to take other steps in order to try and solve the problem.  

Yuna, while I certainly wouldn't mind being comforted and rocked back to sleep, I will really take it against you if you give me a haircut.  But if you really must, please don't make it identical to your Father's do, clear? Cool.


Carrie said...

Your daughter is beautiful! Mine has started with the hair pulling too, NOT fun! She thinks it's a handle when I'm carrying her around and it's sooo painful! Love your blog!


Ashley said...

Yep mine pulls hair too. Despite the pulling, your morning routine sounds pretty nice! Mine is up at 6 and comes into bed for about 3 seconds then crawls right off the edge of the bed. said...

Carrie: Thank you! I'm happy to know I'm not the only one out there who's balding. Lol. I love those photos you have of Annabelle, she really knows how to smile for the camera, huh? So cute!

Ashley: Crawls right off the edge of the bed? Do they really HAVE to go through that stage? Because she Yuna treks the edge of the bed like it's Mt. Everest no matter how much we try to block her off. And at the risk of sounding like a bad mom, she already fell of.. more than once. I'm starting to thing she actually likes it.

kitten said...

Oh dear, when did this start happening? Nadine is not there yet and I hope I don't see any hair pulling in the near future... Fingers and toes crossed.

Momof2 said...

I can completely relate to the hair pulling thing! It used to drive me crazy with my kids.
Not only would they pull my hair, but they would grab other kids' hair too. My little one even gave his brother a temporary bald spot!

Luckily, the hair pulling phase didn't last too long. But, they still love to touch my hair. It's an obsession that some kids are just born with.

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