Friday, September 24, 2010

Similac with Beetle Juice: Try it, You'll Like it!

Not trying to be a whoreface but... is it just me who thinks that a lot of parents are going overboard with this whole Similac recall deal?

Why is it that thousands of babies suddenly develop diarrhea, vomiting and an aversion towards Similac powdered formula after Abbott announced its voluntary recall? I find this particularly interesting because Abbott stated in a press release that 99.8% of the 5 million cans recalled are not contaminated,  which means that less than 10,000 cans may or may not be contaminated. So, chill.  Besides, doctors assure that this will not pose any harm to your child in any way, shape or form, in the minuscule possibility that you end up with a can of beetle flavored formula.  Chances are, your soon-to-be toddler will most likely be eating bugs in the preschool playground anyway so if anything, this will only help take the edge off.

I am, however, perplexed by the growing number of Lactivists taking it to the streets by actively lobbying for infant formula to be available by prescription only.  What's the fuck's up with that?  Oh, not to mention this infamous tweet yesterday:
"Similac is recalling formula because of BEETLE PARTS! OMG! No bugs in my breast milk, bitches!"

Boy, this bitch is begging for it.  Are you aware that there are millions of moms out there  who would  like to punch your face right now?  Moms who have no other choice but to formula feed, me included? This recall is in no way a reflection of a formula feeding mom's parenting abilities nor should it be means to  judge their feeding choices. I know of someone with herpes who still insisted on breastfeeding her baby, and did I say anything? No. The choice was entirely hers. 

Sure, having beetles and larvae mixed with your bub's formula IS disgusting and if I were a Similac consumer, I'd probably be out there ripping the heads off these idiots too, but  c'mon people, let's not go eat-the-curtains crazy now. As if formula feedings moms (like me) don't get enough flack for choosing to formula feed, now we're subjected to feeling more guilty about feeding our babies contaminated food?  

All I'm getting at is, upsetting as this news is to a lot of parents, there will come a time that no amount of our  personal precaution and protection will prevent things like this from happening.  Time and again, shit hits the roof and we move on.  Who knows?  With all the jacked up stuff scientists study nowadays, they might just discover that beetle juice actually helps in a child's brain development! ;-)


Kitten said...

I totally agree with you. I am sure that some of those parents are just looking for someone/something to blame for their child's fussiness or are being opportunistic... this is after all, the land of lawsuits!

Tina F. said...

Kitz: It's funny, I've been surfing through forums regarding this issue since it happened and there's this one mom who wants to sue because she thinks they're responsible for her baby's sleeplessness plus compensation for a month's worth of salary for sleep deprivation. Lol.

jillsmo said...

HA HA HA "Lactivists" is a great word

Kitten said...

That's effin ridiculous! And the sad part of it all is that in this country, a lot of people get away with such crap... rewarded! Pssssh...

Anyway, off-topic... PM me your email addy in facebook or YM so I can give you access to my now-private-by-invitation-only-blog. I am struggling with privacy issues right now.

Summer said...

What is weird is I saw that tweet....I wonder if it was someone that we both follow or more than one person thought they had thought of something funny to say.

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