Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dear Yuna (Excerpt from Last Saturday)

You gave mommy a hard time today.  I didn't know what you wanted.

You would sleep, grunt then wake up after 5 minutes.  You kept on grunting, and I thought you were constipated.  So I fed you some pureed prunes.

You enjoyed it very much, just like any other thing that's placed in your mouth (ie; my elbow).  You devoured it within minutes and still, you wanted more.

So maybe you wanted your bottle.  True enough, your eyes lit up as soon as you saw the 7oz nurser filled with smelly formula and just like any other day, you struggled to grab it from my hand before I even placed you down.

You chugged it like a frat boy on a Friday night, but you were still cranky.

So I made you watch Yo Gabba Gabba while you bounced around in your Jumperoo.  You caved in and stayed silent for a good 10 minutes.  I thought my prayers were answered.

Then the whining started again.

I picked you up and placed you on top of our bed, your favorite naptime spot.  More whining.

We rocked.  We read.  We walked. We stared at each other.


Then you rubbed your eyes.  You were very tired.  Very sleepy.

I was beyond exhausted.

More whining.  More grunting.

I contemplated on giving you Nyquil, to knock the shit out of you, but I stopped myself.  I'm saving those for myself.  

I placed you in your crib, your Bebe Pod, gave you a bath, made you chew on Sophie, I even gave you a massage.

You didn't care much about any of them, you unappreciative bizotch.

Exasperated, I picked you up, sat you beside me on the couch and turned on the TV so I could catch up on Kate Plus 8. You watched me as I passively munched on some cheese balls. You even watched the show with me.

And then, just like that, you slept.  For 2 hours. 

I know that "sleeping on it" seems like the easy way out, but please don't turn into a couch potato. And I'm sorry if  I was cranky too. That is all.



Zookeeper Jess said...

I love the way you wrote this post! Too cute! She is so adorable, even though she gave you a hard time! That last picture made me laugh! Too funny!

Supahmum said...

awww..Yuna's so cute!

Kitten said...

Awwww, poor exhausted momma! But I bet all the aches, pains & frustration melted away when you saw her on the couch sleeping... uber-cute!!! :)

Tina F. said...

Jess and Bianca: Thank you!!

Kitz: EXACTLY. It's impossible to stay frustrated with this little lady. Even after all that, it still feels rewarding. I need to work on feeling this way when Shi annoys me or vice-versa.

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