Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First Step. Also, Humping.

Yuna took her first unassisted step today.

I'd like to say I took hundreds of photos and videos to document this ginormous milestone, but she did it in the light of me calling her a sociopath, while in the midst of reaching to stick her tongue in an outlet, so it didn't leave me enough time to bust out my phone and capture the moment.  Now, after a good hearty dinner and some coffee in my bloodstream, I realize I may have been a little abrupt in branding her a sociopath earlier.  I'm sorry daughter.  I only said that because you were attempting to kill yourself again and possibly electrocute our asses to death, but you get a free pass today because you took your first step without my help, and in my book, that's some kind of a big deal.

This sends me to some serious child-proofing mode right now and there couldn't be a more perfect time to purchase this Playzone child container thing I've been lusting about. It is a godsend.  Using several plastic parts latched together, you have an instant child-friendly fortress that's SO HUGE, it will  actually take up your entire living room space.  Who cares about having enough space to walk?  Or sit?   When you have this, you can take off for a few hours to play poker and I swear to God, she won't even notice.  If you're lucky, you may even find her sound asleep, just like this mother.  Win!

It's only a matter of time before she figures out how to lift the entire play yard and inch her way out of it, but for now, I will relish having her contentedly contained in this contraption while I plug in some time doing something I haven't done in a while, like having lunch and eating with both hands.

In other news,  our neighbor's dog humped my leg earlier while I was getting the mail.  It felt weird.  Nice, but weird. Why didn't anyone tell me I looked this good today?  Dayum!


Ann said...

Ohhh eating with both hands... I remember how that felt; I guess I could call it freedom! How old is Yuna again? Just so I can anticipate how long it will be until MY time comes!

Catrina said...

How exciting! before you know she'll be running everywhere and getting into everything!
Sometimes baby proofing doesnt work.. our 2 year old has figured out how to open doors, climb gates and move things out of her way to get what she wants... (which is usually cat food or permanent markers)

Cassie said...

You got leg humped today? You know your looking good girl!

Just found your blog. Your hilarious. I heart it!

Tina@ www.theteethingmom.com said...

Ann: She's 7 months. Delay it for as long as you can!!

Catrina: This one's starting to climb over our bodies so that she plummet to the floor head first. How much does it cost to pad a 1,000 sf home?

Cassie: Welcome to the repulsiveness of my brain! I'm overflowing with sexiness I can hardly breathe.

jillsmo said...

7 months?? She's walking at 7 months?? Holy fuck you are SO SCREWED.

I mean, um. Yeah. Good work with the walking thing, there, giant baby.

Klove said...

You are so funny. That dog must have good taste. XOXO

Ashley said...

OMG Yuna is a super baby!? Amazing.

CurvyEveryday said...

7 months!!! good lord you're in for it now.
Good luck if you think that play yard is going to container her.

kitten said...

Yay Yuna!!! :)

I was going to get that playzone too but our place is too tiny for it. Awesome its working out for you guys. :)

Tina@ www.theteethingmom.com said...

Jill: I'm fucked, for sure. If she starts talking and demanding stuff next month, I'm going back to work full time.

Ashley: You think? Does that mean I can exploit her and possibly get an interview from the Today Show? Ooohhh.. I like that.

Klove: Oh yeah, the dog's hot for me. I wish I had this kind of appeal in high school.

Anonymous said...

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