Friday, October 29, 2010

My Baby the V.I.P.

Old ladies love me now.  Actually, they love my baby, but since she's permanently associated with me, they have no other choice but to take me in too. Proof of this was yesterday, during the most awaited opening of TJ Maxx in our neighborhood.  I didn't even know about it, and there's really no surprise there, as I am pretty much oblivious to anything that happens outside of Target and Babies R Us.  It was just incredibly fortunate of me to be craving for IHOP's Chocolate Chip Pancake the same day the store was opening in the same center it's in.  So there I was, cutting up my Chocolate Chip Pancake in little triangles, chatting up the nice (but incredibly talkative) old couple beside my booth as Yuna happily charmed the socks off Caroline, our server.  This is what's awesome when dining out with Yuna alone.  Being the attention whore that she is (she got that from her dad.. and maybe to some degree, myself.. but I'm usually anti-social in situations when I'm alone, so I guess, yeah, she got that from her father), she loves having strangers come up and talk to her, and this obviously works to my advantage because I get to eat in peace while she flirts with random people.  Dining out with her is always a win-win.

Anyway, the server mentioned that it was the grand opening of the new TJ Maxx and suggested I go check it out.   I'm not usually a big fan of stores like this because I can find most of the stuff they sell on eBay for a cheaper price, but I decided to go anyway since I'd much rather be out on a nice sunny day than go straight home and deal with Yuna's boredom.  Besides, there's nothing like the smell of new, freshly stocked merchandise to get me high.

I don't know what you fed these people, TJ Maxx.  Because it was a fucking zoo in there.  It was as if they gathered the entire West Valley and told them they were selling the elixir of life, or some black market shit I don't know about.  I squeezed my way to the home section, pushing Yuna in her stroller, careful not to run over any temperamental toddlers with parents who look like they can beat me up.  When I got to aisle stocked with throw pillows, I immediately realized why all these people were practically dying to hoard the goods:  Their nice throw pillows match! All their nice nightstands have identical partners! In all the time I spent browsing through the home section of stores like Ross, Marshalls, etc., I have yet to find throw pillows, nightstands or chairs that match.  I'm talking about the really nice ones.  Not the crappy ones that match because they're hideous. Oh, don't even get me started on those lush towels, they have all those too.  In every color and texture you can think of.  Pretty amazing, TJ Maxx.

Photo of an actual pillow you can easily find at Ross, sans the elaborate cross-stitching

I grabbed a couple of changing pad covers and a cute top for Yuna then started heading towards the cashier, still giddy with delight. But, oh my God, that LINE!!  Why the fuck did the good people of TJ Maxx take the line from Splash Mountain and transfer it here?  Why?  And why are all these people  pushing carts with at least 20 items in it? I mean, come on, this isn't Costco people.  Today isn't even Black Friday.  What's up with the panic buying?  Because I don't see the point of buying 10 black bags and a ton of hand soaps all at once, Ms. Lady-in-front-of-me.  

It took me 10 minutes of waiting in line to realize that it's pretty stupid, what I'm doing.  I have 3 measly items, all of which I could also buy on eBay, so there's no point standing in line for more than the length of time I've already invested in doing so.  I left my place in line and took a good look at the items in my hand while slowly walking towards the storefront. Just when I was about 6 feet away from the exit, I heard a high raspy voice calling out, "Yuna!  Hello, Yuna!"

I turned my head and saw my child smiling widely at the old couple eating beside in IHOP earlier, conveniently standing in the front of the line.  

"Were you gonna buy something, hon?", the old lady asked me sweetly.  "Oh gosh, yeah, I wanted to buy something for Yuna but the line's really ridiculous so I think we'll come back some other time.", I answered wearily.

"Don't be silly, come stand in front of me!" she enthusiastically replied, still happily making faces at Yuna.

And just like that, I got a VIP Pass.  All because of the flirtatious workings of my daughter.


sarah said...

So lucky! The guys estimated a 45 minute wait when we asked!!!!

crazy ramblings of a tired mom said...

Your Daughter is so cute! No wonder you got cuts :) I strongly believe that every store should have a 5 items or less line. Costco, I'm talking to you! It would make things so much easier for the people who have a few things to get in and out and on their way!

traci@ said...

And that, my friend, is how you work the baby magic. And so begins the shopping cahoots between mother and daughter.

Anonymous said...

You made a few excellent points there. I did a search on the topic and barely got any specific details on other websites, but then great to be here, really, appreciate that.

- Lucas

Ate Jenny said...

i like this story! very, very Yuna!!!

kitten said...

Work it Yuna! Can't wait to meet you and be under your spell! :D

Tina@ said...

Hey Sarah! Thanks for stopping by my blog! So I'm guessing you guys ended up not buying anything because of that line, huh? With babies in tow, it's almost impossible to wait that long. But it was great seeing you guys there! Now that I'm done with all the festivities, I can finally join most of the group events :)

Kelley said...

You're hysterical! Love your blog.
And now I want some pancakes and I have to say TJ Maxx is my ultimate fave. However the lines are always ridiculous!!!

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